Chaco National Park, NM


The work of this contract consists of the general rehabilitation of two bridges and one large culvert bridge. 


  1. Pueblo Bonito Bridge (one way traffic)
    1. Install new fill, rip rap and geotextile at the southwest embankment
    2. Remove sand, gravel and other debris from the entire bridge deck
    3. Install reflectors along the north approach guardrails
    4. Seal cracks in existing pavement


  1. Chaco Wash Bridge (two way traffic)
    1. Clean deck joints and replace all existing deck joint seals with elastomeric compression seals
    2. Replace connection bolt, nut and washers between channels # 1 and # 2 to match existing
    3. Install telescoping downspouts onto existing drains
    4. Install reflectors along approach guardrails, at both ends of the bridge
    5. Trim back existing trees away from structure on upstream and downstream sides
    6. Securely install new neoprene shim plate at transition between existing guardrail and existing bridge rail at southeast approach to bridge.  Install new anchor bolts and tighten existing bolts at connection
    7. Install new fill, rip-rap and geotextile at west abutment wingwall
    8. Seal cracks in existing pavement


  1. Gallo Wash Culvert Bridge
    1. Repair spalls and seal cracks in headwalls with non-shrink grout
    2. Repair and seal gaps between existing headwall and existing culvert with non-shrink grout
    3. Completely remove tree from in front of culvert