CATM Firing Range

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

This is a Design/Build, FSRM Project, Package 2a – CATM Range Facilities and Bullet Trap Storage Encasement. 

A Design Build Project for the United States Army Corps of Engineers in conjunction with the United States Air Force to bring an existing small arms firing range into complete compliance of a Fully Contained Firing Range, in meeting the current ETL (Engineering Technical Letter) Standards of the Department of Defense.


Stoven Construction developed a team of Architects and Engineers to lead the team in overall design and building renovations needed to achieve this transition. The task included dealing with existing Lead contaminated soils and the onsite management of these soils to meet EPA standards as well as Environmental Engineering of the site and worker protection during this work. 


The scope of the project called for the removal of existing firing range Baffles and the installation of a totally new Baffle System, Bullet Trap, Lead Exhaust Recovery System, and a new Bullet Retrieval System for hazardous waste management. Extensive modification to the existing superstructure were made through engineering to design a diaphragm and cross lateral support system needed to support the new baffle system. The Lighting was designed to meet the specific ETL requirements for Target Lighting consisting of White Light for normal conditions, Red Light for Night Vision conditions as well as Range Warning Lighting.


The additional power needs for the project called for design of a new primary power feeder system, complete with Sectionalizer and new transformer distribution system.