The Hobbs High School project plans to bring alterations to the existing Library & Book Depository into a new Administrative Offices and Health Center. These changes bring a continued use of the existing building, transforming it into a more spacious and desirable Administrative Office Complex to meet the needs of an expanding staff, along with the ability to bring in a new state of the art communications and data system designed with the technological demands needed in day to day exchange of IT data.

In addition there has been a total over haul of building infrastructure. The existing fan coil heating and evaporative cooling system has been replaced with a modern HVAC Controlled Zone System which is integrated into the Honeywell building management maintenance system.

 Extensive renovations have transformed the existing Counseling Wing into a modern Athletic Department for the increasing demands of the Hobbs High School sports program.

These renovations have been made possible through extensive demolition and Asbestos Abatement of the existing structures to ensure the sustainability and functional systems for a more cost effective system well into the future.