Socorro, New Mexico

Over 11,000 square foot Addition to the existing Kelly Hall Labrotories.  This 2 story building includes an extensive mechanical system to support the two, state of the art, multi-functional labrotories - additional features include breakroom, classrooms, business offices, elevator and server room. 

Complete ground up construction and attachment to an adjacent building for New Mexico Tech.  To include all infrastructure work, site utilities, asphalt paving/base course, steel erection, earthwork, concrete, curb and gutter, masonry, reinforcing steel, rough and finish carpentry, plastic laminate casework, waterproofing, insulation, roofing, caulking and sealants, hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, finish hardware, windows, glass and glazing, metal framing, drywall, tape, bed, texture, acoustical ceilings, stucco, carpet, vinyl flooring, vinyl base, ceramic tile, steel stairs and treads, painting, laboratory equipment, toilet accessories, toilet partitions, mechanical, fire protection, fire suppression, electrical, elevator equipment, fire alarm, signage, audio-visual equipment, and window treatments.