Albuquerque, New Mexico

The purpose of the Bosque Revitalization project is to restore a more naturally functioning Bosque Ecosystem. 


Stoven furnished all labor, equipment and materials necessary for the removal of 1,100 jetty jacks, old bridges, debris and exotic vegetation including fuel wood reduction.  Stoven constructed approximately 3,300 feet of earth lined high flow channels with stoned lined high points and inlets/outlets to the Rio Grande.  A 24” x 36” extension to the existing box culvert was constructed along with a F40 flap gate.  Stoven also installed approximately 700 square feet of articulated block lining on the drainage channel banks. 

Wetland habitat swales were constructed for approximated 35,000 native tree saplings and plants. 


Also included in this project were recreation and interpretive education features, including the construction and installation of soft surface and crusher fine trails, benches, a raised boardwalk and an observation deck, and several pedestrian bridges.


The revitalization project in the Bosque was initiated by the Corps of Engineers to improve wildlife habitation and recreational use of the riverbank area along the Rio Grande. This project covers primarily the area between Central Avenue and Bridge Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Notice To Proceed was issued Oct 27, 2008, with an April 24, 2010, completion date; all work was prohibited between May 1 and Aug 31 to provide an undisturbed habitat for nesting birds.