The contractor shall furnish all parts, material, labor, equipment and supervision necessary to repair/upgrade the lobby in building 472. 

Patch and paint wall accent color corner to corner including all three sides of adjacent column.  Patch and paint all walls including stairwell.  The 2” reveal molding and wainscot are separate colors.  Clean and seal floor tile and grout.  Paint entire doorjamb leading out of mezzanine level to corridor.  Paint all exposed metal surfaces and metal railings on the stairs.  Paint entire exposed steel superstructure of West side of lobby. Paint trim on all interior door and window frames, unless otherwise noted.  Paint the lobby side only, stopping doorframe paint at door side of door stoop.  Install new carpet and vinyl cove base on Mezzanine level.   Install 8’ x 8’ access hatch.  Install compressed air line from the North Lab to center of East wall in Lobby.  Provide stub out with quick disconnect.  Relocate display mountings as directed by the construction manager.

 On the second floor; install new carpet and vinyl cove base.  Patch and paint all exposed wall surfaces in specified area. Patch and paint all exposed sheetrock on ceiling as indicated.  Paint doorjambs.  Paint hallway side. Install new 3’ x 6’8” storefront door with side glass and transom window on top with Bronze extruded aluminum frame.  Frame new wall  - to consist of 3 5/8” metal studs, 5/8” sheetrock.  Tape, texture to match existing walls.  Construct wall to 6” above grid.  Studs to be mounted flush to existing wall on back side.  Black out existing windows using black paper.  Install new duplex receptacles. Install new LAN outlets.  Re-locate LAN outlet. Remove wiring and junction boxes associated with Front Entry door card reader and MAG locks.  Wiring and junction boxes to be re-installed at new location.  Install double duplex receptacle in new access hatch with compressed air line.  Install blocking inside wall for TV mounts at locations shown on wall.  Patch and paint wall to match.