The project includes all plant, labor, equipment, and material to Alter Survival Equipment maintenance Facility, Building 684 at Cannon Air Force Base, NM.  The modification to the project will include the following:  Installation of new overhead sprinkler system, wet-pipe at Raft Shop #107, Sewing Area #104 as necessary per fire code.  Resize Main feed and modify riser to accommodate additional sprinkler requirements.  Relocate/adjust sprinkler heads and/or building utilities to minimize obstructions as per fire code.  Installation of HVAC duct detection system, audio/visual alarm system and pull stations as necessary per fire code. Installation of service sink with plumbing and casework at office 106.  Provide hot water/cold water line to service sink.  Tie into existing sanitary sewer line.  Installation of faucet mounted eyewash, with adjustable aerated outlet heads for service sink faucet at office 106 and Raft Shop 107.  Installation of water purification to service sink at office 106.  Installation of service utility sink with plumbing at Raft Shop 107.  Provide hot/cold water line to service utility sink.  Tie into closest existing sanitary sewer line.  Installation of existing eyewash from Office 106, with a radius of 36” around eyewash station at Parachute Shop Tower.  Tie into existing plumbing for service utility sink. Removal of existing column at south end of Parachute Shop 105.  Replacement of structural steel beam at south end of Parachute Shop 105.