Clovis, NM

Building 150 is approximately 9,700 square feet of administration and storage space. Building 150 is an outdated facility with no fire protection system, hazardous electrical system, and in need of updated plumbing and HVAC system.  

An evaluation of the abatement for construction affected in the building was performed; We evaluated the existing HVAC control systems; evaluated the electrical power system and capacity need. STOVEN installed overhead wet-pipe fire suppression sprinkler system inside administration, service and storage areas that complied with the requirements of IBC. A fire alarm signal to the building, and fire alarm panel per requirements of IBC was installed. We evaluated and repaired mechanical cooling and heating system for building including a new packaged chiller with air-cooled condenser located outside in the existing mechanical enclosure. Showers in the men’s and women’s restrooms were installed. Provided for system integration with The Base EMCS system. Provided for the introduction of outside air into all occupied spaces to meet the requirements of ASHRAE standard #2.   We installed the main waterline to building.