Location: Cannon Air Force Base - Clovis, NM 


This project consists of all procurement, installation and construction relating to the renovation of Building 622, at CAFB.  The work includes:  Furnishing all plant, labor, equipment, materials, services and incidentals to provide complete and usable end product.


-   Demolition of the existing stairway, repair flooring to separate the 1st and 2nd floors. 

-   Demo existing roof of 2-story facility and extend drop ceiling at 2nd floor. 

-   Remove exterior electrical room.  Patch and repair exterior to match existing finish where room was located. 

-   Renovate current supply room to create a comm. room and install an independent cooling unit. 

      Asbestos abatement is required.  Installation of new door and X-09 mounted lock is required.   

-   Raise and replace drop ceiling to 10’-0” at office allocated for the AC-130H CST simulator 

-   Construct Open Storage area at AC-130 CST simulator room.  Provide 2 SIPR drops, 6’-0” wide total double door

      openings with proxy card entry. Replace VCT flooring.

-    Renovate current restrooms and the office next to them to create new, larger restrooms that comply with ADA.

       Include installation of ceramic tile flooring, low-flow fixtures and new energy efficient lighting.

-    Renovate office to create a break room to include a sink, cabinets, and refrigerator.  Provide valve for ice maker on

       refrigerator.  Replace VCT flooring. 

-    Replace VCT flooring at janitor room, main hallway and vestibule.

-    Construct an entryway vestibule to connect the two buildings.  Provide double door entry with proxy card access, a

       large frame blast resistant window, NIPR and phone drop, and ceramic tile flooring.  Install phone line and phone box

       at exterior for entrance.  Prepare site work as necessary to provide ADA access.

-    Replace double doors with transom doors.  Install typical lock cores.

-    Relocate comm. equipment.  Install core lock at storage door.

-    Install an ADA approved lift in the vestibule.

-    Construct or install a Pagoda.

-    Install an Advantor Security System throughout feeding back to Security Forces to provide security for all exterior


-    Demo unused power equipment on exterior and interior of building.  Removal of unused electrical panels required.

-    Relocate used electrical panes and fire panels.

-    Renovate interior office space to include replacement of VCT with carpet in office areas, replace VCT in restroom,

       replace acoustical ceiling panels and grid, remove and/or construct walls to create offices and classrooms.

       Demo and construct new interior wall throughout to create a more functional office area. All interior walls shall contain

       STC rated insulation for soundproofing.

-    Construct SCIF with a hard ceiling and independent HVAC system.  Install double door entry with proxy card access,

       repair VCT flooring, and provide power for SIPR rack and Simulator as required. 

-    Remove the crane and crane supports at metal portion of the facility.  Install drop ceiling throughout metal portion. Drop

       ceiling shall be no less than 10’-0” high.  Enclose column supports with drywall casing throughout metal portion

-    Construct gunroom.  Apply epoxy on existing concrete flooring. Install double doors with proxy card entry at gunroom.

-    Remove the dumbwaiter.  Repair area and finishes after removal.

-    Update interior finishes thought the facility as necessary.  

-    Repair exterior finishes of facility as necessary.  Apply highly reflective white elastomeric roof coating to roof systems.

-    Remove existing pneumatic HVAC controls and replace with new electronic system that shall be connected the Base

       Energy Management and Control System.  Provide system commission testing.

-    Install backup electrical and HVAC systems.  Provide system commission testing.

-    Install 6’-0” high split faced brick retaining walls around all outdoor equipment, leaving access and space requirement for


-    Provide proxy card entry for the following door locations: all exterior entrances/exits, open storage, all classrooms, double

      doors to ATARS office area, SCIF, all simulator classrooms, and double door to the gun room.

-   Provide waterproof proxy keypad entry.

-    Install fire suppression/sprinkler system.  Integrate new fire suppression/sprinkler system with existing system.

-     Provide energy efficient dimmable can lighting at particular locations and provide energy efficient lighting throughout the

      entire facility.