Location: Socorro County, NM


The purpose of this task order specification is to define the requirements for transporting supplemental water to the Rio Grande and adjacent areas from the Low Flow Conveyance Channel (LFCC) by operation & maintenance of portable pumps at various locations along the LFCC and the Rio Grande. 


Stoven Construction operates and maintains up to 19 portable pumping systems and portable (dewatering) pumps in accordance with the manufactures’ technical and maintenance specification.  At the conclusion of the task order pumping activities, we will remove the pumps from the indicated pumping sites and service the portable pumps, commonly referred to as “Gator” pumps.  In addition to these duties, we assumed all responsibility for performing major repairs to the pumps, including transporting them to repair shops and all other actions required to maintain pumping operations.  In consultation with the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, we will install sanitation units and portable lighting units for the pumping operations.  We will operate and conform to all local, state, and federal requirements pertaining to waste removal from the job site.