Location: KAFB, Albuquerque, NM


This project consists of providing all parts, material, labor, equipment and supervision necessary to repair/renovate Rooms 14 and 15A.  These rooms are located in building 405, an existing building.  Repairs/renovations will include Demo door and frame, demo of existing carpet and cove base.  Demo hole in wall for 2 Electro Chromic glass windows.  Demo ceiling grid, lights and tiles.  Demo all recessed light fixtures back to nearest junction box.  Demo all sound Soak panels.  Return Air grille to be removed and re-installed.  Demo LAN/COMM as specified.  Demo duplex receptacles back to the nearest junction box.


We will be installing new walls, new anti-static carpet and Vinyl cove base, new windows, new suspended ceiling grid and ceiling tiles.  We will also be installing (6) new duplex receptacles in the ceiling for projectors, (3) new surface mounted double duplex receptacles – each receptacle to be connected to it’s own circuit.  New surface mounted Quad LAN jacks.  Install surfaced mounted single pole light switch and single pole dimmer switch.  Install 2 new 2-gang junction boxes with 120v power to operate windows with barrel key.