Pecos Theater Renoation - Santa Rosa, NM 

Pecos Theater consist of total buildout of existing historic Pecos Theater in downtown Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The existing building was built on water table, with limited access into the building. Extensive soil subgrade within the building started with soil stabilization, 3 feet of aggregate bridging to support 3 new post tension slabs inside of the building, creating the new multilevel interior for Seating, Stage, Lobby, 3 new Restrooms, Mechanical, Electrical Service, ADA ramps, Concession, Projection Loft, and Rental Area. Metal framing and gypsum walls with new sound attenuation and finishes added to the newly created interior, trans forming it into a modern multipurpose theater for the community.

The building was equipped with total new Electrical, lighting, power requirements, Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing with Tankless hot water systems, new sewer system and under slab water removal and sump pit for water table control.

The theater was transformed with beautiful nostalgic finishes, new stone fireplace, metal panel ceilings, acoustical paneled walls and ceramic tile finishes. New security overhead head grill at Theater Entrance, Ticket booth with metal ceiling creating a new nostalgic look from yesteryear to welcome visitors.